Caffeine for Soul brings you a wealth of success stories, teachings on mindfulness, health and fitness, conscious living and much more to make you thrive in your personal and professional lives.

Caffeine for Soul was started to give people the gift of knowing that being, doing and having what they truly want is not just possible, but deeply fulfilling. We bring you interviews, podcasts and lessons on life and living from leaders in all fields including serial entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities, and movers and shakers who understand how to things happen.

Our transformational learning material and insights will help you achieve greatness in all aspects of your life including your relationships, finances and careers, leading you on to a path of personal mastery. We are determined to give you an empowering perspective on life.

Our beliefs, values and actions deeply affect the quality of our lives. Learn how to discard those that aren’t serving you anymore, and adopt new ones. Caffeine for Soul is created for all those who want more from life – on their own terms.

Our mission is to provide you with knowledge that empowers you to expand your boundaries, reach your potential, live life to the fullest and help others do the same. Our most powerful tool? Education. We provide you with innovative insights that empower you to live a life that is truly extraordinary.

About the founder

Manam Iqbal is the founder and CEO of Caffeine for Soul. She started the company after recognizing a gap in the digital market in her native Pakistan that needed to be filled with quality, purposeful and empowering material.

With her long time passion for entrepreneurship, self-development programs and the psychology and science of success, Manam started Caffeine for Soul to educate and inspire people all over the world to go for what truly resonated with their hearts.

The company’s mission is to help people live happier and healthier lives by introducing them to ideas that are currently missing from traditional education systems.

Manam’s story

After being in successive jobs in different parts of the world, Manam still felt that something was deeply missing from her life. She hopped from job to job hoping each time that things might be different, never recognizing that she was in the wrong field doing the wrong thing – and that pushing harder was not the answer.

For inspiration, she started taking help from the work of gurus like Tony Robbins, Vishen Lakhiani, Les Brown and many others, and realized how much she could do for herself and others by teaching what she was learning. Her new belief systems were truly empowering and the change they brought in her social, personal and professional life was mind blowing!

She realized that there was a space in the digital world that needed to be filled with positive, powerful and thought-provoking educational material and thus embarked on the journey to create Caffeine for Soul. Today, the site reaches out to, and helps thousands of people across the world who want inspiration and guidance to improve all areas of their lives.

Caffeine for Soul recognizes and takes advantage of the knowledge acquired by some of the best minds in growth hacking, quick learning, financial independence, emotional mastery and much more.

We welcome you to Caffeine for Soul and hope that you, too, will take something from us that would encourage you to live the life you truly deserve.